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Web Optimization for Google Wizard google assistant

Web Optimization for Google Wizard

All SEOs are now aware of the impact of voice search on SEO, with the rise of mobile use to connect and do research on the internet. google assistant



But, hardly are they focused on how to optimize their content more effectively for the mobile now they must worry about the existence of Google Wizard that is unavoidable in all Google products.



Including Google Search

So much so that one can definitely commit to saying that Web Optimization for the Google Personal Search Assistant could be the future of SEO. For the simple reason that mobiles are in continuous development, especially now, with the Google Wizard and the AMP feature for more mobile search optimization.



Google is therefore trying to simplify the search process to make it as easy as possible to get the “Information you want with less tapes on your mobile device.



One important aspect for which PASO (Personal Assistant Search Optimization) could be the future of SEO is due to the fact that it offers customized information for each user . This is an important aspect to keep in mind to hope to improve the rankings on the search engines via the mobile.



Google Assistant is today the fastest and easiest way to get information. And whatever you’re looking for: a photo, an image, an invoice in your emails, an appointment in your calendar, an explanation or a definition, a route, etc.



If you use the “Search engine optimization (SEO) to promote your website, then it is important to understand how Google Wizard returns search results. Because Google Assistant does not return the results as in a standard search on a desktop or mobile browser.



Google Assistant tends to operate from a completely different perspective and offers quick responses matching featured snippets or optimized snippets that are not something like what you would see from a “normal” search.



So how do I get an optimized snippet of my page? According to Google, this is not possible . Because, Google programmatically determines that ” A given page contains a possible answer to the user’s question and then displays the result in an optimized page extract.



However, here is how the search results offered by the wizard differ from standard search results.



Answer Only

You’ve probably made enough queries to know that Google Search often gives you countless pages of information in its search results. This is not going to be the case with Google Assistant.



Instead, you can often expect to see a single answer. Ineluctably featured snippets or extracts optimized google assistant reponse rapide

Thus, in the vast majority of cases, when a question is asked to the assistant during a voice search, he will answer the question with an extract optimized as the only search result. In other words, it will use the information extracted from an authority site, in position 0 , as a single result.



But the answer may also come from the first organic result. And sometimes, when Google Assistant does not understand the question or is not sure that it has a single answer, then it offers multiple suggestions in a carousel, with result links to visit the sites.



If you want Google Assistant to use information from your site in response to a query,



Local Results

Unlike the featured snippets example above, after a local voice search, Google Assistant will display multiple local results at once, based on your geo location that it knows since you have allowed it to be there Access from the start.



But these local results that Google Assistant offers are exclusively those of the Local Pack 3 that are found in a special box and are chosen from Google My Business pages.

Google My Business pages

Therefore, if you have a local business and want to be included in the Google Wizard’s answers when people are looking for local information about the services you offer, make sure that you rank in the Local Pack 3 And that you have a good average in the ratings .



To Do This, You Will Need Some Local SEO Skills.

Still, if you are a national company, you have to convince Google that you are an authority site in your niche. And if you are a regional company, you must focus on the criteria of local SEO.



And optimize its website for Google Wizard, it’s not for tomorrow. Now is the change!