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Terms of Service

Terms of Service


1. General

1.1 Should individual parts of these terms and conditions are not final, yet all other parts should apply without restriction. If any provision of these Terms is invalid, then the legal regulations apply.

1.2 Below-mentioned terms and conditions are part of all contracts concluded with WebEidea, deviations and ancillary agreements must be in writing. Failure to comply with, especially in case of default of customer WebEidea, entitled to the fulfillment of the conditions to suspend the execution of existing orders completely or partially, or cancel orders.


2. Liability for Content

2.1 WebEidea is not responsible for the content of the part of the client.
2.2 WebEidea, accepts no orders contrary to their contents – comply with statutory regulations – have racist, discriminatory, violent or sexist content – violate the moral, religious or ideological feelings of others.


3. Liability

3.1 The customer provides WebEidea, free from any liability for the content of the data transmitted. Exception of gross negligence or action with intent, the liability according to the Product Liability Act. Basically, a claim for damages, if permitted, is limited to the amount of the order.


4. Offer and Conclusion of Contract

4.1 A contract with the company WebEidea, can come only in writing by letter or email about. Orders the WebEidea , by electronic mail (e-mail) require written confirmation.
4.2 All offers of WebEidea, are non-binding.
4.3 WebEidea reserves the right to 50% deposit of the gross value of a contract to take a deposit.
4.4 Only after crediting the payment can be started with the contract work.
4.5 Complaints of any kind must be made within 14 working days of the statement date at WebEidea claims. Thereafter, the work is considered according to the contract and free of defects accepted.
4.6 Liability and Support of external modules. A support for external modules is excluded. For the support adhere to the respective creators of the modules. Any costs incurred by a support will be charged to the client.


5. Payment

5.1 When placing an upfront payment of min. 50% of the contract price payable.
5.2 The final invoice will be issued after complete the completion of the contract.
5.3 The payment is on account within 5 working days.
5.4 All services of WebEidea, must be paid by bank transfer.
5.5 WebEidea reserves the right to collect orders worth less than 200 dollars in advance.
5.6 Payments are considered made when the invoice amount to the bank account of WebEidea, has been credited.
5.7 If the payment obligation is not fulfilled, WebEidea, entitled to suspend the delivery of all services started, or reclaim already delivered services.
5.8 Charges WebEidea, caused by late payment, the customer.
5.9 If the customer to fulfill the order necessary data is not available within 4 weeks, is WebEidea, entitled to terminate WebEidea the contract without meeting deadlines and settle the already done work.


6. Prices

6.1 All prices are in Dollars or Pakistani Rupees.
6.2 All prices are net prices and do not include VAT or GST.
6.3 The prices valid on the day the contract is concluded.
6.4 When publishing new prices old prices become invalid.


7. Shapes And Designs

7.1 As part of the order is design freedom.
7.2 Complaints regarding artistic are excluded. If the client wishes during or after the production change, he has to bear the additional costs incurred. The Designer reserves the right to remuneration for work started.


8. Place

8.1 The place of performance and jurisdiction is Lahore, Pakistan, provided that the customer is a merchant, legal entity under public law or public law special fund according to The law of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


9. Data

9.1 WebEidea, agrees not to disclose customer data to third parties, with the exception of those directly involved in the provision of services.
9.2 The customer provides WebEidea, transmitted from any liability for the content data to third parties.
9.3 WebEidea is authorized to customer data which are provided for transmission to the search engines to modify the customer in mind.
9.4 WebEidea is not liable for force majeure and loss of data.
9.5 The data transmitted by the customer will be deleted 4 weeks after expiry of the warranty period. Documents are properly destroyed.


10. Warranty

10.1 A guarantee for the successful registration or a permanent position in an Internet search engine, an internet catalog or any other directory can of WebEidea, not be given.
10.2 WebEidea, does not guarantee for increasing the position in an Internet search engine or an Internet catalog.
10.3 WebEidea cannot make any predictions or binding details of the positioning in an Internet search engine or an Internet catalog.


11. Term and Termination

11.1 WebEidea reserves the right front, orders which are not executed and that would not be in the customer reject.
11.2 In case of early termination of the contract by the customer is obliged to pay all benefits already made.


12. Third Party Rights

12.1 The Customer warrants that all data provided for processing free of third party rights and not violate copyright, data protection and competition law. Should this not be the case, the lead to the suspension of the order?
12.2 There is no obligatory inspection by WebEidea.
12.3 Costs incurred through non-compliance borne by the client.
12.4 Claims for damages arising from errors optimizing data, cannot be invoked. For errors that could identify the customer by sending the optimization data, no liability is assumed.
12.5 The customer is obliged to check all of WebEidea, in Him transmitted data for accuracy and completeness. Possible errors are immediately – no later than 14 calendar days from the invoice date – at WebEidea view.
12.6 Of any claims for damages the company WebEidea, expressly exempted.


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