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SEO Services in Winnipeg

What services are offered by Winnipeg SEO agency?

Depending on the customer and project, we offer individual SEO services. Here is an overview:


  • SEO consulting for small businesses and self-employed
  • Complete SEO support


Our SEO services at a glance:

  • Semantic thematic searches, keyword analyzes and mappings
  • Link source searches, link analysis and link building
  • Technical SEO on-site audits
  • Running SEO support
    • Indexing control
    • Crawling control
    • Monthly SEO reports
    • SEO-Controlling & SEO-Monitoring
    • Project management
    • Linkbuilding
  • Content creation & content editing
  • Content competition analysis
  • SEO relaunch and project support
  • SEO-SWOT analysis
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Landing Page -Conception & Designs


Winnipeg SEO company for systematic onpage and offpage optimization

We support you with advice and action in on-page as well as off-page search engine optimization for better search ability in the search results. Our strength is the constant research effort, the high analytical competence of our experienced SEO managers and the holistic view of everything we do as part of the search engine optimization.


Content & Onpage before Offpage

A good onpage strategy is crucial to the success of subsequent off-page measures. The design of the content and the information structure of the website play a decisive role. This is where we put the emphasis in our SEO work. In addition, the technical play -page optimization especially for very large sites an important role to eliminate duplicate content issues and the indexing and crawl ability the main content by the search engine bots to ensure. Only then can the link construction start successfully and safely.


Search engine optimization with system always at the pulse of the SEO heart

Through the continuous development of our innovative SEO services in Winnipeg, we always take into account the latest developments in the search engine world, putting your find ability in search engines regardless of Google updates


How we work with You as an SEO company?

As an SEO agency, we take care of our clients’ modules as well as in ongoing SEO support. Depending on your budget, objectives and wishes, we will work with you in our free initial consultation to provide you with a tailored service mix of modules and / or ongoing support or complete SEO support.


You will be supported by two to three specialists from SEO teams. Underneath are always at least an experienced SEO consultant and no interns. This way of working together makes sure that several pairs of eyes are looking at your project, which always guarantees fresh input. In addition, in the case of a consultant’s failure, there is always at least one other person in the team who is familiar with your project.


Semantic topic and keyword research, analysis and mapping

Keyword research

  • Find and list of relevant keywords
  • Create a list of relevant search terms
  • Topic segmentation


Keyword analysis

  • Determine the search volume
  • Determine the level of difficulty per keyword as measured by the competition
  • Status keyword ranking report
  • Recommend the optimal landing page
  • Identify the search intent for the most important keywords
  • Recommendations on the nature of the content to be created
  • Check for Universal Search Integration
  • Consultation on the results (by telephone)


Theme research

  • Identify topics and questions relevant to the target group, eg forums, blogs, question and answer portals, Amazon product reviews
  • Identify questions related to keywords from different viewpoints
  • Identify semantic links between keywords and topics
  • Recommendations for the construction of semantic worlds


Development of the information and navigation structure

  • Keyword Mapping (Assignment of Keywords to URLs)
  • Hierarchical structure of the topics and keywords within the navigation structure
  • Graphical presentation in a clear and comprehensive interactive mind map (also suitable for direct transfer to the implementing web agency)
  • Prioritize URLs


Project start / website audit / company and competition analysis

  • Provide a guide for creating search engine friendly texts according to current standards
  • Set up a Google+ profile
  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Project management
  • Link source research
  • Create a link build plan
  • Set up a monthly reporting
  • Set up the analysis and monitoring tools
  • SEO-strategic SWOT analysis
  • SEO potential analysis
  • Kick-off meeting


Ongoing SEO support


  • Consulting on all SEO-relevant questions by telephone and e-mail
  • Daily telephone SEO help between 10 and 18 o’clock 


Monitoring, reporting and project management

  • Permanent consideration of the development of key indicators
  • Continuous monitoring of your competitors
  • Success measurement of the optimization measures
  • Monthly report on ranking development of all relevant keywords compared to the previous month at Google and development of organic traffic compared to the previous month including e-commerce data such as sales transactions, average order value, conversion rate … (only if e-commerce uses tracking)
  • Proportional tool and technology costs are already included in the hourly rates
  • Technology and content analyzes, possibly with recommendations for action by e-mail
  • Monitoring and control of the recommendations to be implemented
  • Continuous SEO strategy development and concept


Text-Briefing per Landing page (only if required)

  • Recommended text length
  • Recommended proof keywords by WDF * IDF ratio
  • Questions of target groups on specific topics
  • Proposal page title and description


SEO implementation

  • Creation of search engine friendly onpage texts
  • Briefing by our authors
  • Quality inspection of texts
  • Transmission of texts in .txt, .doc or PDF format (optional)
  • Setting the texts in your content management system (CMS)
  • Optimization of page titles and descriptions
  • Optimization of internal linking
  • Optimization of meta robots information
  • Edit the robots.txt


Which of these tasks are necessary for your project we decide after a first free consultation. More about in our blog:  The most important SEO tasks to optimize the rankings


Is success-based agency reimbursement for SEO reputable?

In the case of success-based agency remuneration for search engine optimization, one should be skeptical and reflect precisely the target to be achieved. Is the achievement really a success? In the case of success-based remuneration based on individual keyword rankings, these keywords should be questioned precisely with regard to the proportion of the company’s success.


How long do we need as an SEO agency for search engine optimization?

Since SEO such as when no search engine advertising ( SEA ) can be thought of in campaigns with fixed end and meets each subject to different conditions in the search engines is not exactly predict a period.


Contractual framework conditions

When working with us as an SEO provider, we offer you customer-friendly terms of contract:


Short terms of contract

In the case of cooperation in the area of search engine optimization, our minimum contract term is 6 months. The contracts are then terminable every 3 months.


No link renting

If you commission an agency with link construction in the SEO area, you should inquire whether a possible dependency is generated by possible link tenancies or if the links continue after the cooperation.


When working with our customers, we refrain from the business model of Link, since such an approach does not pay for the optimization of our own website, but instead promotes dependencies to the SEO service provider, which is not customer-friendly and sustainable.


What do we do differently as an SEO agency?

In On page and off-SEO to improve placement in the search results pages ( SERPs ), we work to top based on analysis strategies, onto which the tactical measures, such as programming, page title, content, link building are systematically. Our strategies are not …. We focus on the individual events surrounding your business model and your industry. Based on our experience and knowledge from over 10 years of online marketing we know what is in the modern search engine optimization in the age of semantic search and Machine arrives.

  1. Content
  2. Links / Offpage
  3. Digital Brand Building
  4. Navigation & information structure / internal linking
  5. Usability
  6. technology


Why are you our SEO agency customer?

If at least four of the five following questions with yes answer, then we are very interested in working in the field of SEO with you:


  • Your company is competitive and has real USPs against the competition?
  • You love your products and / or services?
  • Are you more important than a fast profit?
  • It is clear to you that cooperation in the field of SEO under 6 months makes no sense?


Sustainable SEO successes

The goal of professional search engine optimization should be to improve the search ability of offers on Google & Co with relevant keywords. We want to achieve this for our agency customers. We look back on many success stories in recent years. The following real-world example shows how, through our SEO work, we help our customers achieve more visitors and more sales through organic search engine traffic.

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