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Google: No Backlink? No Indexing Of Your Content

Google No backlink No indexing of your content

Google: No Backlink? No Indexing Of Your Content

John Mueller, webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, replied to Tweet to clarify that if content had no inbound links, then Google could not find it to index it.



Except, as Barry Schwartz says , if you use the “Explore as Google” feature or the “Sitemap” feature from the Search Console to tell Google the URL of your content.



And of course, apart from these 2 options of Google, if your URL does not receive any backlink, Google says not to be able to discover it, whatever the method of exploration used.



@JohnMu if a URL has been blocked in robots & has not crawled before, no backlinks, cud it still show in SERPs as blockd by robots.txt

@collindaviss If there are no links, we won’t find the URL, robotted or not.


One way for John Mueller to say that receiving inbound links also facilitates indexing of content, just as backlinks also make it easier for people to browse through your pages from page to page.



That being said, if you submitted a Sitemap file in XML format to Google via Search Console ( Exploration -> Sitemaps ), there is no reason why it does not discover the URLs of your new content.



Provided however not to have blocked Googlebot.