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Google My Business Is Testing Chatting Via SMS Or From Allo Local Results


Google My Business Is Testing Chatting Via SMS Or From Allo Local Results

Google ad test a new feature in Google My Business will enable customers of local businesses to hire private discussions by chatting via SMS or Allo.


Thus, having recently introduced the message extensions for SMS in AdWords ads , Google now experiences the opportunity to contact companies with a page My Business by text messages via SMS or Google Allo .


And, since local results pages of Google Search or Google Maps.


Here is an image provided by Google with a large button and an icon “Message”.


since local results pages of Google Search


In this broad Message button blue Google  “indicates that this company is available to receive messages” , and it also indicates the local business response time. In the case above, this waiting time is 5 minutes.


Just tap on the icon “Message” on the left of the blue banner to begin to understand the message before sending it to the company .


Conversation via SMS or Allo
In his paper presentation of this new feature in the local search results and Maps, Google explains that this is a pilot program with “a small group of business owners” .


The The selected companies are using a email notification. If this is your case, you will receive a message saying:


“Start a conversation by clicking the link in the invitation email from the Google pilot program. Once have clicked, you will see a step by step guide to setting up your Google My Business account for messaging in real time.


Make sure you provide a phone number that can receive SMS messages and will be readily available to meet customers.”

And further, Google said that the company may receive these text messages via SMS or Allo application.


How to Change His Phone Number
To receive and respond to your customers text messages, you must enter the correct mobile number as follows:


Find map “SMS” located in the tab “Home” from your Google My Business dashboard.


On the right side of the map of “SMS” , click “Edit number” .


Enter your new phone number.


Click on “Send” .


Your messages, if any, will begin to appear in the new issue in an hour or two.


Use Allo
According to Google, you can use the Google Allo application, instead of SMS, to respond to messages. To do this, follow these steps:


1. Download Google Hello from Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.
2. Connect to Allo with the same phone number you used to register for SMS messaging on Google My Business. And so the same mobile.
3. The messages begin appearing on Google Hello, instead of SMS, in an hour or two.


For those who will be invited to participate in this pilot, they can leave at any time by returning to the card “SMS” located in the “Home” tab of their Google My Business dashboard.


From there, they can turn off this feature by clicking on “Off”.