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Do Facebook Likes Now Count For Ranking On Google?

Do Facebook Likes Now Count For Ranking On Google?

Do Facebook Likes Now Count For Ranking On Google?

The impact of social signals on Google’s ranking algorithms, or their absence, is like an old sea serpent that regularly comes to the forefront.


In his time, Matt Cutts had both confirmed and denied, in January 2014 , the impact of interactions on social networks in the research results. And the whole discussion had tended to degenerate into a debate on whether the pages rank well on Google because of their large number of likes and social shares.


Studies have revealed an impact, without any correlation between likes and shares and good ranking.


Then, in August 2015, John Mueller said that social signals had an impact on SEO, but indirectly .


And then, in November 2015 , an agreement was reached between Facebook and Google to allow Google to explore, index and rank public Facebook profiles on Google’s results pages.


These are profiles that can be accessed publicly without being friends with.


This agreement meant at the time that very active public profiles on Facebook would be more likely to be present in SERPs.


But to optimize a Facebook profile for search engines, it would have been necessary to bring natural links, a lot of activities and some good quality content. Exactly like for a classic website.


But, there was like a catch.


In the sense that if the very active Facebook public profile could be considered the home page of a classic website, its individual postings or shared articles ( and extenso the interactions that go with it ) could not be explored ( Crawled ) or indexed by Google.


This made the social signals via Facebook totally incomplete and inoperative to be exploited by Google Search. Facebook still blocking access to its social data to Google.


As mentioned above, here is the question of the impact of “Likes” on SEO on Google again surfaced. This time, it’s a webmaster who asks the following question, via a Tweet ( see below ), to Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google:


I have a lot more Facebook Likes than my direct competitor. Why do not I rank better than he?


@methode I have way more Facebook likes than the next competitor why no rank higher?


What Gary Illyes answers:


 Because we do not use Likes to classify pages.


Close the ban.

So, once and for all, as long as Google will not have access to all social data from Facebook profiles ( and not tomorrow the day before ), the interactions ( likes, comments and sharing ) on posts and shared articles Of the public Facebook profiles will have no impact on the ranking of the contents on which the “Like” and “Share” buttons of Facebook appear.