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Do Facebook Likes Now Count For Ranking On Google?
Do Facebook Likes Now Count For Ranking On Google?

The impact of social signals on Google’s ranking algorithms, or their absence, is like an old sea serpent that regularly comes to the forefront.   In his time, Matt Cutts had both confirmed and denied, in January 2014 , the impact of interactions on social networks in the research results. And the whole discussion had […]

Google No backlink No indexing of your content
Google: No Backlink? No Indexing Of Your Content

John Mueller, webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, replied to Tweet to clarify that if content had no inbound links, then Google could not find it to index it.     Except, as Barry Schwartz says , if you use the “Explore as Google” feature or the “Sitemap” feature from the Search Console to tell Google […]

Checklist for failing HTTP to HTTPS
Checklist For Failing HTTP To HTTPS

Since Google announced it would begin using the HTTPS as a signal SEO , many websites have begun to migrate to HTTPS , not only for security reasons but also to benefit from the extra boost in the rankings in The results pages of Google.   However, while Google has published best practices to move […]

Google Sitelink Links Back In Search Results
Google Sitelink Links Back In Search Results

Shortly after Google provided its advice to have sitelinks in the search results, many SEO had found that they had suddenly disappeared from the SERPs.   Indeed, beginning in November 2016, the sitelinks Google had been removed from individual search results, making lose to sites that benefited their display at the bottom of their inclusion […]

google search console
Google Webmaster Tools Provides More Reporting For Consolidated Properties

Since Google has allowed consolidating properties sets in Google Webmaster last May, one of the most anticipated requests was the extension of this feature to more Google Webmaster sections.     This is now done, Google has now announced the expansion properties combined into groups to more reporting options   Reminder, a set of properties […]

Google My Business Is Testing Chatting Via SMS Or From Allo Local Results

Google ad test a new feature in Google My Business will enable customers of local businesses to hire private discussions by chatting via SMS or Allo.   Thus, having recently introduced the message extensions for SMS in AdWords ads , Google now experiences the opportunity to contact companies with a page My Business by text […]

Hackers backed by a government may be trying to steal your password
Google: Hackers Backed By A Government May Be Trying To Steal Your Password

Google begins to send reporters and professor’s alert messages to prevent a government supporting hackers could target their recent internet and corporate accounts.     Currently, many political and media personalities worldwide are the target of massive operation on internet piracy, as mentioned here.   This is how Google displays a warning message (see image […]

SEO And If Recent Inaccuracies Keyword Planner Were Not Such Bad News?

While the data provided by Google on keyword search volumes lost in reliability, the tools used them must reinvent themselves. And it is perhaps a boon for them …   Knowing queries search volume in Google obviously helps to develop SEO strategy, and decide what content to produce. The Keyword Planner, a partner in AdWords […]

New Google Penalty For Websites Playing With The Security
New Google Penalty For Websites Playing With The Security

The offender sites repeatedly and intentionally to Google’s security rules will be considered repeat offenders, and they will not ask for a review within 30 days.   Customers have already been observed: Google glue fairly light warning to sites that pose a security problem and “cause damage” computers. These sites may have been hacked or […]

Hackers Create Subdirectories In Wordpress For SEO Spam
Hackers Create Subdirectories In WordPress For SEO Spam

WordPress remains much the best website creation tool, by far the most popular, as many sites and WordPress blogs are still and always coveted by hackers.   This is again the Sucuri Service reveals new tricks found by pirates of a different kind that would tend to use blogs and sites created in WordPress to […]