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How many backlinks for a good SEO on Google
How Many Backlinks For a Good SEO on Google?

When you start an optimization campaign for search engines (SEO) , you are probably looking forward to seeing results as quickly as possible.     Among the SEO criteria, you now know that backlinks are your best tool for developing your domain name and page authority, which in turn will make your site more likely […]

Google reveals what the next Google Search Console will be
Google Reveals What The Next Google Search Console Will Be

Google confirms that it is working on the beta version of the new Google Search Console, and at the same time shares details about the new reports included in this upcoming release.     The Search Console ( formerly Google Webmaster Tools ) was initially launched with only 4 reports, more than 10 years ago. […]

Google Ends Google Instant Search With Immediate Effect
Google Ends Google Instant Search With Immediate Effect

More than 7 years after launching the Instant Search function, Google announces a definitive end to bring more compliance to the online search regardless of the device used.     After the launch of Google Instant Search in 2010, Google’s search engine was able to show search results instantly, as the query was entered ( […]

Can Google categorize content that has no word from the query
Can Google Categorize Content That Has No Word From The Query?

In general, Google classifies content because the words that are part of the search query exist in that content.     EvenĀ  with RankBrain , the relative terms or synonyms of the keyword in a query can be used to classify content that has them.     On the other hand, we know the importance […] google assistant
Web Optimization for Google Wizard

All SEOs are now aware of the impact of voice search on SEO, with the rise of mobile use to connect and do research on the internet.     But, hardly are they focused on how to optimize their content more effectively for the mobile now they must worry about the existence of Google Wizard […]

Do Facebook Likes Now Count For Ranking On Google?
Do Facebook Likes Now Count For Ranking On Google?

The impact of social signals on Google’s ranking algorithms, or their absence, is like an old sea serpent that regularly comes to the forefront.   In his time, Matt Cutts had both confirmed and denied, in January 2014 , the impact of interactions on social networks in the research results. And the whole discussion had […]

Google No backlink No indexing of your content
Google: No Backlink? No Indexing Of Your Content

John Mueller, webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, replied to Tweet to clarify that if content had no inbound links, then Google could not find it to index it.     Except, as Barry Schwartz says , if you use the “Explore as Google” feature or the “Sitemap” feature from the Search Console to tell Google […]

Checklist for failing HTTP to HTTPS
Checklist For Failing HTTP To HTTPS

Since Google announced it would begin using the HTTPS as a signal SEO , many websites have begun to migrate to HTTPS , not only for security reasons but also to benefit from the extra boost in the rankings in The results pages of Google.   However, while Google has published best practices to move […]

Google Sitelink Links Back In Search Results
Google Sitelink Links Back In Search Results

Shortly after Google provided its advice to have sitelinks in the search results, many SEO had found that they had suddenly disappeared from the SERPs.   Indeed, beginning in November 2016, the sitelinks Google had been removed from individual search results, making lose to sites that benefited their display at the bottom of their inclusion […]

google search console
Google Webmaster Tools Provides More Reporting For Consolidated Properties

Since Google has allowed consolidating properties sets in Google Webmaster last May, one of the most anticipated requests was the extension of this feature to more Google Webmaster sections.     This is now done, Google has now announced the expansion properties combined into groups to more reporting options   Reminder, a set of properties […]